Trail’s end at Tahoe

Off the trail at Lake Tahoe
The 2000 foot down climb to US50 did more damage than I thought. My knees have been cranky and sore off and on during the hike, but that’s only to be expected. Hiking 20 miles a day in the mountains is a real strain on the legs.
But the hike to the highway became more than creakiness that could be controlled with ibuprofen.
I hoped that a day of rest at the hostel would put me back on track but it hasn’t, and neither has a second. I am still hobbling weakly about and have no business getting on the trail anytime soon.
I hiked the 500-mile Colorado Trail last summer with no problems and assumed I could do a similar hike again this year. But I’m a year older, no longer a spring chicken of 58, and might have to admit that age is catching up with me. I’ve had two knee operations and really would like to avoid a third. So I’ll do the sensible thing and head home, even though the thought of quitting makes me want to cry.
Better to focus on the fact that I had a great hike through some of the most beautiful country in the world, met many interesting and fun people, experienced many moments of peace and transcendence and tranquility. I’m grateful for all that.
Even if it wasn’t quite the adventure I had planned it was still a great hike. It would be an adventure of a lifetime except for the fact that I have had the fortune to have several such adventures and still hope to have several more. I’ll have to be satisfied with that I guess.