CT mile 174, on the flanks of Mt Elbert

at 39.1128, -106.4035
3005 feet from Mile 174.1

Not a long hiking day but a fine one nonetheless. Had breakfast in Leadville and was reminded why I shouldn’t order eggs at restaurants- they are pale watery and tasteless compared to the eggs from my backyard flock. A fellow from Oklahoma sat down next to me at the bar and began chattering nonstop. He wasn’t crazy, just an amiable blabbermouth.

Soon after breakfast I got a call from daughter Leah who had been camping at Clear Creek with her boyfriend and was now having breakfast at the Mexican place on Main Street. I joined them and helped Leah finish her huevos rancheros.

After they headed back home, Ric, the owner of the hostel, gave Reid and me a ride out to the trailhead where we commenced hiking just as the sky commenced raining. We hiked an easy 5 miles to the Mt Elbert trail junction. We followed this for about a mile/1000 ft elevation gain to a camp at tree line. This will cut off about a quarter of the hike up to the summit, and provides a spectacular view of the Arkansas valley as well.

A squall hangs a rainbow over the Arkansas Valley

The rain has stopped for now, although I expect more rain in the night, as has been the pattern for the last few days. I hope it will be clear in the morning, I don’t know how many more 14ers I will climb in what remains of my life and health. But that is a worry for tomorrow.