CT mile 139, cruising

at 39.3945, -106.3154

Beginning to feel like I am hitting my stride on this hike, where everything is flowing, both physically and mentally.

Got somewhat of a late start, not leaving camp until 7, but soon caught up to Tim, and we took a break together at Searle Pass.

He is carrying his father’s ashes on his hike. I am carrying Baloo’s. We hiked this section together about 10 years ago and of course I was thinking of him. He was a dog that wanted above all else to please. On the rare occasions I would have to scold him, he would be crushed and devastated, to the point that I felt more shamed than him. He was not a clever dog and was always confused by switchbacks on the trail, often getting himself headed the wrong way. But he always seemed to know what I was feeling and always responded with a remarkable degree of emotional intelligence. He was my dog soulmate and I miss him to this day.

The hike over Elk Ridge was a delight, with far ranging views over the tundra. The trail cruised through the great green forests of Cataract Creek, culminating in the falls for which it is named before spilling out into Eagle Park.

mile 127, Hikers cross the tundra of Elk Ridge

mile 128 – walking Elk Ridge

mile 129 – Holy Cross from Kokomo Pass

Rather than take the road walk through Camp Hale, I cut over to the Eagle River, and fished my way through the Park, landing several nice Brookies. All in all, a nearly perfect day on the trail.