Mile 51, town of Patagonia

Mile 51, town of Patagonia

The stormy weather passed last night, leaving cold still air in its wake and a layer of ice in my water bottle in the morning.

I’ve hiked down far enough now that the mesquite trees are leafing out and more birds are in evidence. Most of them are of the little brown songbird variety, but I did see a cardinal and several hummingbirds. The sky islands — and the springs and water canyons they generate- provide a migratory path through the desert for a variety of species. Over 300 species have been sighted in the area and it is prime birdwatching season — my motel is completely booked.

Today’s walk was 3 miles of trail and 3 of road into the town of Patagonia, a pleasant and relatively compact village that provides all the hiker essentials: a shower, a burger and a few cold beers.

greetings from the locals

I’ll head out late morning tomorrow, setting a more leisurely pace, but hoping to get to Colossal Cave (67 miles) early on day 4 rather than late on day 3 of this leg so that I can take the cave tour.