PCT mile 1079, more wind

Little sleep last night as the wind came slamming through the most protected campsite I could find, shared with Risky Biscuit and a couple from MA hiking from Tuolumne to Tahoe. RB is from Edwards, looks and talks like a stoner but is very sharp and knowledgeable about many things, able to recite accurate facts and figures regarding rattlesnake bites and giardia transmission. A fun guy to be around.
Of more import than a sleepless night, my ankle started hurting in the middle of the day for no apparent reason. The tendons that stretch across the the top of the joint are inflamed and swollen and very painful. By the end of the day I was reduced to a slow hobble. I hope a day or two of rest in Tahoe – after I hike 12 miles to US50 tomorrow to get there – are sufficient to restore it, otherwise my hike is over.
I am going to get to Tahoe no matter what, though. I aborted our Walker Pass to Tahoe hike in 1976 due to a torn knee cartilage, I’m not stopping short again due to injury.

The Carson RIver country