PCT mile 942, remembrance and motion

Mile 942, Tuolumne Meadows
Up and at Donohue Pass early today through a swarm of mosquitoes. I found a nice little ridge above the pass with a good view of Lyell Canyon to build a rock nook in which to leave Mr Bradley’s picture. I think he would like it there. I spent a few minutes paying my respects and silently aporeciating him, and then was on my way down the canyon.
Stopped at the first set of oxbow bends to eat lunch and catch a few brookies. The river is so clear and blue, the grass green and lush, the forest and canyon walls hold it all in a warm embrace. Truly one of the special places in the Sierra.
Picked up some noodles and trail mix (and beer) at the Tuolumne store and stayed in the backpackers campground.
I had thought to day hike down to Yosemite Valley tomorrow, but will head north on the PCT instead. Retracing my steps from 1968 turned out to be not that interesting, and the 4000 foot down climb would be hard on my knees. On to Tahoe.

Climbing Donohue Pass

A view of Lyell Canyon for Mr Bradley