PCT mile 813, Red,White and Blue in the Mountains

No hot dogs or beer on this 4th, but there was a lot of marching.

Another big long climb to today’s pass (Pinchot) – 4 miles down from Dollar L to the suspension bridge over Woods Cr, then 7 miles and nearly 4000 feet up to the pass. A hard hike to be sure.

Had lunch at the pass, then headed down to Marjorie Lake, an amazing deep blue opalescent lake sitting under a red slate mountain and a white granite one. The combination of patriotic colors (and the hot sun) inspired me to go for a very refreshing, if brief, swim.

A few more miles brought me to the base of Mather Pass, which is where I want to be – this sets me up to climb the next set of passes early in the day, before bad weather or rotten snow can develop. The next passes will not be as high, and my pack will not be as heavy so I should have some easier hiking ahead. But that’s what I always think.

Mile 807, Pinchot Pass looking north

Lake Marjorie below Pinchot – a chilly swim