PCT mile 736, Getting higher

Some substantial climbing today from my camp at 8300 to a ridge at 10500 and then back down a few hundred feet. Enough climbing to move from the dry Sierras to the high Sierras. There is shade now, and the occasional green meadow.

But I am still being followed by smoke from the big fire down by Lake Isabella. The smoke had thinned considerably in the morning, allowing decent views of Whitney and of Forrester Pass from the ridgetops. It thickened in the afternoon, cutting visibility to a few miles and leaving a distinct smell of smoke in the air.

And water is still widely spaced. My water sources for today and tomorrow are Cow Creek, Death Canyon Creek, and Poison Meadow Spring, all spaced 11-15 miles from each other. So I will be drinking Cow water, Death water and Poison water for the next miles. Yum.

Followed a ridge with a direct line of sight view of the Owens Valley for about a mile and was disappointed in my hopes of sending a text to Cathy. The phone claimed to have a signal, but I could not text or call successfully. Next possibility might be Mt Whitney