PCT mile 702, Kennedy Meadows, hiker version of Las Vegas

Made a quick few miles today to the store at Kennedy Meadows, the last resupply point on the PCT before the high Sierra, and thus a hiker gathering place.

There are probably 40 hikers here from all over the US and the world – Canada, Germany, Japan, France, Mexico. Quite a happy agglomeration although certainly none too tidy or presentable. The campers and tourists who stop in appear a bit shocked and nervous at what seems to be a convention of homeless people out here in the mountains.

I myself have showered, done laundry, readied my resupply and am now mostly concentrating on rehydrating with cool fermented malt beverages. I’ll be ready to go in the morning and escape this infernal heat, although a 4000 foot climb will be required.

The highlight of the day was listening to UV sing and accompany herself on the plastic ukulele she has been carrying. She just graduated with a music major at UNC Greeley and has a lovely voice. She was also kind enough to teach me chord fingerings on the uke, so I was able to amuse myself with that for a while.

There is no phone service here and no wireless, so no posting of journal entries. That will probably have to wait until I get to Independence in 6 days.