CT mile 439 – on the home stretch

at 37.6794, -107.9779

Got a reasonably early start from the hostel this morning, with Jan, the owner giving me, Willis and Pawn a ride to Molas Pass at 6.

My plan was to take 4 days to hike the last 75 miles of the CT. I had sent a box of clean civilian clothes to the PO in Durango, which closes at 1 on Sat. It seemed unrealistic that I could get there in time, and if I don’t, I’ll have to wait until Monday.

But the trail seems to have other plans. We bid farewell to Pawn, who would be stopping to paint, and set out on the well-maintained trail in beautiful weather. Without much deliberate effort we made 10 miles by 10 AM, and 15 by noon. A 30 day was clearly possible. And if I did two 30 days, I would have only 15 downhill miles to Durango left on Saturday, meaning that I have a good chance of making it to the PO in time.

We’ll see. There is no urgency, and the trail has been saving its best for last: azure skies, lovely forests, abundant flowers, capacious and spectacular views, all threaded together by a fine trail that invites one to walk and to walk further.

All I have to do is walk. The rest will take care of itself one way or another.



mile 423

mile 429 – Mt Wilson and the Lizard Head from the head of Hermosa Creek.

mile 438 – Blackhawk Pass