CT mile 22, heading to Durango

A first day of sun and breeze, birds singing and bugs buzzing. I’m off to an easy start, backtracking 5 miles from the end of section 2, heading toward its beginning on the footbridge over the S Platte River. This route is plan B, a response to the closure of the road along the river due to high water. Although officially closed, I passed two groups of hikers who had crossed without difficulty. So I’m doing this out and back route for no good reason. I guess that’s what I get for listening to the authorities, a mistake that I rarely make.

But there’s no cause for complaint; the weather is beautiful, the scenery is wonderful, I’m camped on a ridge with a spectacular view of Pikes Peak in one direction and the valley of the N Fork of the S Platte River in the other. Most of all, after months of planning, I am finally on the Colorado Trail, heading to Durango. It’s all good.

at 39.4049, -105.2258

mile 27 – starting the hike

mile 22 – first camp

mile 22 – N Fork Valley overlook

mile 22 sunset